The Fashion Conspiracy

Felicia Ann Ryan

Discovering the Best of Etsy – Jewellery Edition



"With passion and love for jewelry design" is how this jewellery designer describes her Etsy store and I would have to agree. The simple, elegant and easy to wear designs from this shop are made from precious metals such as sterling silver, rose gold and 18k and can be worn on the daily or for a night out. Bonus: Ear cuffs are wearable with no holes required. 


LuvMinimal has a selection of elegant pieces that can be layered or worn alone and worn often. The pieces add delicate interest to an outfit and are light and comfortable to wear.


Maya Valentino creates the most unique and exquisite handmade luxury jewellery using Swarovski Crystals and precious metals, including the best glam ear cuffs I have ever encountered. These are showstoppers for special events and weddings. For my wedding, I wanted my bridesmaids to match in every way and as a gift, gave a matching pair to each of my bridesmaids to wear on the big day. If you're looking for a way to set your maid of honour a part from the other bridesmaids, order a pair that is different. I planned my wedding in a record 6 weeks, ordered 3 pairs of these two weeks to my wedding day and they arrived on time and my bridesmaids LOVED them.   


Everyone likes a bit of something custom, and this shop delivers with a unique twist. Not only can you have a custom piece made, it can be created using your very own handwriting or the handwriting of someone close to you. I love this idea to keep a memory of someone alive or strong. Take a card or note that was written by someone special and have their handwriting and message duplicated on a custom jewellery piece; or have your writing duplicated and give it to your special someone.


Ok, so maybe this isn't jewellery, but we all need solutions on how to store "our precious' ". These wooden cones make displaying pieces easy on the eyes and to find. The shop also offers hand-painted wooden bowls with Kate Spade type patterns for accessory storage, great for placing on small shelves or in little drawers to keep your pieces safe and organized. 


This shop has colourful fun pieces that will brighten your accessory collection and add a spark to your ensemble. The pieces are hand crafted from an imaginative designer ready to reflect your bright mood. Check out the selection of tassle necklaces and don't miss the eco-friendly layered bracelets. 


Vintage pieces integrated into any wardrobe communicates style sophistication and this shop delivers on having one of a kind finds that would otherwise require extensive treasure mapping skills. If you see something you like, don't sleep on it too long, because the find will be gone and it's not likely you will see the piece again. Another reason why one of a kind vintage is great - nobody else will have it.


Because guys need to rep accessories at times too, there is kalmabisuteria, creators of rugged and wearable men's bracelets. Guys often don't think about buying themselves accessories which is why these make great gifts. I have surprised my guy before and it was well received plus he definitely wears them, which is exactly what I want - to infiltrate his personal style! Even if just a sneaky way to get your guy into wearing accessories, trying simple leather cuffs is a good way to start. Pssssssst...  if you're a guy reading this, girls love it when a guy can pull off a cuff.   


This shop has a plethora of interesting 14k gold foil ear cuffs that are incredibly inexpensive and incredibly easy to wear; no piercing required. Buy one, two or 10 because you can layer these for a delicately adorned ear day or night.


Whether for a wedding or an upscale garden party, the romantic pieces offered by avigailadam subtly add delicate detail. Almost Roman-esque with a hint of boho, the nature inspired pieces are wearable magic.