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Rel – e – vant : how appropriate something is to what’s being done or said at a given time

Relavance is a funny thing – it seems like it comes in passing, things are relevant for a certain amount of time, until they aren’t anymore; tossed to the irrelevant pile. But what if something is always relevant to one person, it may lose its relevancy to some people; but does it make that thing any less relevant, or is the power of one person seeing its worth enough. In a current world where things appear to be either relevant or not, no grey area allowed, it is a fascinating concept to dwell on.

It’s something I ponder as I come across pictures from the past. Past outfits, past relationships, past feelings. My mother felt as though her 80’s bangs were still relevant in the 00’s when most of the remaining world would disagree but to her they were incredibly relevant, enough so that she styled them as a part of her daily identity.

Relevancy is an interesting trigger when perusing my clothing collection. “Is that even relevant anymore?” I catch myself saying out loud as I move past things that have changed meaning within current fashion … but the question I should be asking myself is, “Is this thing still relevant to me?” Because if it is, that is enough to keep it relevant.

And keeping it relevant to me keeps it from becoming a relevant problem in a landfill.

Mullets were relevant at one time.

A vintage purse, so relevant as I dress, whose relevance becomes cloudy when entering a showroom of current season FENDI. The piece, so incredibly relevant at the time it was made, finding new relevancy as years pass, seasons change and she transforms from new to “vintage” fights to find its relevance surrounded by the current season crowd, causing it, for a brief moment, to question its own relevance.

Vintage, probably the strongest example of relevancy, always remaining relevant as time passes, trends transform, creative directors change, styles move on, mass production ends, it’s no longer available, decades come to a close.  Standing the test of time, able to stay important and needed and used all of its years but perhaps only because one person decided that it was …. Relevant.

This outfit to me … still relevant. The way it makes me feel … still relevant. The fact that it is over a year old … irrelevant.

Relevant , what a strong word

Relevancy, likened to a trend – something applicable and pertinent to what is happening right now, right this moment. But as we all know, trends change, they become irrelevant.

how ironic

Things don’t lose their relevancy as they age, as the seasons change, as new things are released. 

Some things can be relevant again and again and again, even if just to one person

all images captured by Adil Ali

Is she even relevant, someone may say casually in passing, but I assure you that yes, she is, incredibly relevant; maybe not to you but to other people, people closest to her and some from a far. And so really, doesn’t that make her more relevant, that her relevancy to only a few is stronger than some is to many.

– Felicia Ann Ryan / The Fashion Conspiracy
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