The Fashion Conspiracy

Felicia Ann Ryan

Between Takes

It's no secret that our mood is so easily influenced by our surroundings

and our clothes so heavily influenced by our mood.

It's a dance each morning between the weather and our closets.

We're the third wheel, the friend who comes onto the scene once the plans

have already been made.




Despite the season, gloomy days with a breeze cool enough to question the length of every garment are inevitable. We think that we are in charge, that we call the shots but we are just along for the ride.


Each morning our mood has been given to us, by the colour of the sky, the feeling of the air, the amount of sun that seeps through the clouds, the dreams we had (or didn’t have) the side of the bed we slept on and whether an alarm was the reason we are awake.


In an instant, from one look outside and and a tip of a finger in the air, 
our mood can change completely, and so can the plans for the day. 













So when the rain falls, and the mist gathers, the wind blows and the puddles become obstacles strategically placed to challenge the shoes on your feet not meant for wet weather, embrace the moment. You can’t change the weather, but you can fight it with the right umbrella and a pop of colour.  



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