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Effortlessly Chic Vacation Style

Be Effortlessly Chic the Next Time You’re Whisked Away

An Editorial Explained

I have this thing that I want style to be attainable. For everyone. I know that the looks I put together for magazine spreads seem stretched as far as attainable style goes. But, it’s not always the case, sometimes an editorial comes along that can be easily translated into every day style, and because I want you to not just see pretty pictures of pretty clothes and not know how to take it from a picture on a page to 3D reality, I am going to take this editorial I styled (Chloe Magazine Cruise Edition) and step by step translate the ideas behind the images. And although it may seem unrealistic to be sailing, looking effortlessly you while coming into port, in reality, it is a very attainable feat. The icing on the cake for me as a proud Canadian is that all styles included are by Canadian designers, allowing you to get chic close to home, if you live in your home on Native Land.



Layers and a Large Tote can do Wonders for

Comfortable Style Abroad

Denim has morphed its way into a versatile classic over the years and what better than a voluminous denim maxi skirt to don on vacation. This denim set by Toronto based International designer, Adam X Atelier, can be worn individually or together for an effortlessly comfortable and chic look, that reads somewhere between casual wave watching and let’s go out to dinner. Take a crisp white tee, like this one from local Designer, Sara Duke, and do a quick knot at the waist if you’re looking to share a bit of your newly acquired sun kissed glow. You can’t see it here, but this playful tee reads “Fatigue” which is just the reason why you needed a vacation in the first place. Minimalist accessories, like the ones pictured, by Caroline Neron, are versatile, can be formal or casual and are easily worn with a variety of looks, which means you won’t need to bring much jewellery. A bonus if you’re like me and would rather not travel with an abundance of high cost items that can get lost or stolen. Be sure to pack one large tote, not just a tote that you would bring to the shore filled with beach gear, but one that will see you through an entire day of sightseeing and adventures while also being stylish enough to be carry into the evening. For me, the leather dual coloured Bianca Tote by Koda Nivoli fits the bill perfectly and is stylish but rugged enough to get through weeks abroad while roomy enough to fill with all the days necessities. Hat is optional, however, I chose this oversized fur by Nobis because of its dual purpose; fun and function. Depending on where your destination is, whether an Alaskan cruise or a sail in the Bahamas, your choice of hat is up to you but packing one is a must! Sail out into the middle of the ocean and you’ll soon find out why, winds can be on the cool side regardless of where you find yourself. This look is even perfect for a local sail in the infamously bi-polar Canadian weather.


Think of Your Surroundings, the Mood

and How You Want to Feel

When packing for vacation think about your surroundings, the colours, the mood, even the weight of your garments and whether the wind will dance amongst the layers playfully for a memorable photo or lift them up entirely for a constant peepshow. It all matters, because the way you feel, so far from the comfort of familiar surroundings, will translate into how much you enjoyed the trip. Garments that can work double duty are coveted; choosing items that can be worn multiple times with different looks are a must, both for the ease of

getting ready and to keep down the weight of your case. If styled right, nobody will notice that anything has been on repeat and even the photos won’t tell the truth. Another trick is choosing one piece garments such as a pantsuit, romper or maxi dress, anything that doesn’t need to be paired with something else like a top or a bottom, which means less to pack, less to coordinate and more time to play. Be sure to physically coordinate your looks before hailing a taxi to the airport. Physically take out all of the clothing you would like to bring and lay it out on your bed or other open surface to be able to visually take in all of the outfit possibilities. Put outfits together, repeating staple key pieces (any item that are easily manipulated into a totally different look) such as a button down Oxford shirt or wide legged trouser. Think about what you will be doing and go as far as to match each look for a day in your itinerary. A majority of vacations are rather planned and at the very least you should have an idea of the events, excursions and adventures you will be partaking in, if not the actual days they will be occurring, allowing you to choose accordingly. This way you won’t get stuck wearing uncomfortable or inappropriate clothing that isn’t functional for what you’re doing, because although looking fabulous is the goal, nobody wants to do a 5k hike in 4 inch heels. Once all of the outfits are coordinated, take photos and save them to a specific folder on your phone so that they are easily found, removing the stress of getting dressed once you have reached your destination.



Don’t Underestimate the Power of Head Wear


Doing my hair is not top priority while vacationing; I’d rather spend the time exploring than messing around with flyaways, so cue strategic head wear. A sunhat covers what I didn’t bother to smooth out (while protecting), a headband keeps hair out of my face, and a scarf that doubles as a head wrap is perfect for protecting locks when I did take the time to straighten. Instead of letting it all hang loose, gathering hair into a head scarf can keep it tangle free when the wind blows. Once the scarf is removed, you will be amazed at how in tact your tresses will be, just as smooth as when they went in. Once wrapped, add some broaches along the side of the scarf for extra glam coming into Port.




                                     A Vacation Must Have : “The                                                      Oversized Scarf”

The oversized scarf is a must have. It will be your shawl on a cool night, a towel when confronted with unplanned (but welcomed) beach visits, an impromptu clean bit of space to rest your bum on for a moment when there is nowhere else to sit, a blanket for unexpected picnic meals enjoyed in the park rather than a restaurant, or a quick sarong when you forget your cover-up. This grey tasselled scarf by Sara Duke, peeking out of the knitted bag made by House of Knot, is sure to exceed expectations.



                                                                                           Choose Swimwear Wisely 

How great is it when you can throw a pair of denims over your swimsuit, toss on a couple of necklaces and call it an outfit. Pretty great, and if you choose your swimwear wisely, you may be able to do just that. Being able to utilize your swimsuit as part of an ensemble will mean less trips to a change room, or even worse, the hotel, when constant stops to the pool or beach are going to be the norm while vacationing. Take some time to choose a swimsuit that can double as a top so it is easy to throw on a bottom, such as a maxi skirt, wide legged trouser or pair of jeans when it’s time to grab a bite to eat or explore nearby sights. Swimwear has been transformed! It’s not just bikini’s anymore; there are an array of designs that include details such as cutouts, mesh, inserts, sleeves and zippers that when paired with the right garments can pass as anything but a swimsuit.

Above: Bodysuit by Bazzul | Gold Chokers by Karen McFarlane | Leather and Gold Pendant by Caroline Neron


Always Pack “The Showstopper”

Whether you think you will need it or not, a showstopper outfit is always a must. Take this outfit up a notch and make sure it’s formal, because it’s better to be over dressed than under dressed. Trust me. Like this vacation ready neoprene showstopper by Lesley Hampton (jewellery by Caroline Neron).

There you go, a magazine editorial explained with real life stylist advice, not just pretty pictures of style inspiration, but something that you can actually apply to everyday (or at least vacation) life. So don’t let your wardrobe dictate your feelings during your next trip. Use these tid bits of advice and you’ll find yourself in the right outfit at the right time no matter where adventure leads you. Happy packing stylish jet setters.


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