The Fashion Conspiracy

Felicia Ann Ryan

Put Some Shine Into It

There is a distinct possibility that these pants, in all their elasticized glory, were thrown over shorts as I ran out the door, late for my yoga class earlier in the week, only to be paired with a blazer and tie blouse a few days later for a quick pulled together facade. We are in the times of double duty, and as my foundation is replaced with tinted moisturizer and I look in the rear view mirror on my way home from work to find that only one of my eyes was lined black with liner (I went all day like this?!) it is hard to deny that my morning rituals are slowly being widdled to bare necessities as my tiny little clones gobble up the time I used to dedicate to lining both eyes each morning. And so I am smitten with anything capable of doing double duty without sacrificing style.



Pant by Lululemon, Tops by Lord & Taylor, Hat from H&M, Boot by Steve Madden, Blazer by Guess by Marciano

Images captured by Adil Ali

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