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Felicia Ann Ryan

Current Mood



Difficult is not synonymous with burden. Everyone has things about them that are hard for other people to navigate. There’s not a single person on this planet that is easy and wonderful to be around 100% of the time. So it’s not fair to expect yourself to be some uncomplicated, paragon of perfection every moment of every day either. You’re human and you’re imperfect and wired to be a pain sometimes and it’s okay. You are okay.       – Daniell Koepk

This is something I came across today.

It hit hard. I felt every word as I read them. You know that feeling, the words are an equivalent of a stone being thrown into your body and the electric ripples that spread from where the words land can be felt. I almost hear the “PLUNK” as they sink in and fall deeper to where they need to be realized and the electric ripple that spreads outward like a skipping stone.


“Difficult is not synonymous

with burden”



I felt that these images from a recent editorial I styled, titled “Current Mood”, photographed by Leah Vlemmiks and published by Toksick Magazine, were such a clear communication of how one person can feel many ways in a span of a day, or in this case the span of a few short hours. And that this is okay. Damaris captures what it means to have diverse moods with no shame in reflecting authentic feelings.

I love how we were able to truly capture the transformative power fashion can have on a person – no matter what their mood.

Be you in everything that you do, even if you’re moody.


Photographer // Leah Vlemmiks

Model // Damaris, BNM Models

MUAH // Rachel Laura Lee

Styled by me // Felicia Ann Ryan